Recognizing that leadership is in a state of crisis worldwide, we are a group of committed individuals on a mission to integrate Jesus and his leadership principles into as many lives as we can. Our cofounder, Ken Blanchard, had successfully taught effective leadership principles for years. But when he began to study the Bible, he became fascinated with how Jesus transformed twelve ordinary and unlikely individuals into the first generation of leaders, launching a movement that continues to affect the course of world history some two thousand years later. Inspired by a new vision, Ken Blanchard and his lifelong friend Phil Hodges cofounded Lead Like Jesus to inspire and equip people to become servant leaders – to lead like Jesus.

The story of Lead Like Jesus in India began with the Lord directing two men, Deepak Martin and Mohan Patnaik, to the LLJ Asia Pacific launch in Singapore, in October 2009. In His amazing wisdom, God had by then, prepared them to be the first colts that will carry their ‘Sovereign turned Servant’ Leader to the hearts and heads of believing India.