I am blessed. Thank You so much - Lahphrang Mabbaniang.

Most of us speak about leading like Jesus, but at LLJ we not only learn but its an encounter with God where He is correcting us again and moreover we get a chance to wash our friends feet.....its amazing....Praise God! - Lamborne Kharbuclon.

This program is the need of the hour in serving the body of Christ today. Which is becoming more controlling and less influence to the lost world due to lacking of the heart to serve but many rules and regulations -Synshar Marbaniang (Pastor)

This program has transformed my idea of leadership, Honestly, I participated with a little feeling of skepticism & not being sure of what to expect, BUT, totally life-transforming. Thank You. - Darhmingliani Hloncheu.

This program will overhaul churches and ministries, organisations etc. Leadership strifes and discords dwarfing churches etc. will be a thing of the past. All glory will belong to Jesus - Shilula Imchen.