What Is a LLJ Facilitator?

A Lead Like Jesus Facilitator is someone who, after faithfully considering God’s plan for his or her life, is convinced that facilitating Lead Like Jesus’ Leadership Encounter programs is part of his or her journey at this time. Lead Like Jesus Facilitators are individuals who believe that life and leadership are radically different as they follow Christ's call ‘to serve’ rather than ‘to be served’. Each LLJ Facilitator is a significant co-labourer in making this revolution a reality. Typically coming from organizations, churches, and universities, Lead Like Jesus currently has over 50 Facilitators India wide.

What Is the Purpose of an LLJ Facilitator?

The purpose of a Lead Like Jesus Facilitator is to engage and equip others in their God-given network of contacts, who in-turn desire to spread the Lead Like Jesus message through their spheres of influence.

A Lead Like Jesus Facilitator:

Believes in and desires to share the LLJ message. Is trained and accredited through an LLJ Facilitators’ Training program to lead an LLJ Encounter. Has a commitment to take the implications of the LLJ message to the "next level" of behavioral change Models the concepts of LLJ in personal and professional life

What Is Expected of an LLJ Facilitator?

A Lead Like Jesus Facilitator:

  • Has a strong commitment to the Lead Like Jesus message
  • Maintains a consistent personal faith walk
  • Fellowships in weekly worship with a local congregation
  • Commits to ongoing personal and professional training
  • Holds a minimum of two Leadership Encounters per year
  • Purchases all Leadership Encounter materials from Lead Like Jesus
  • Spreads the LLJ message wherever and whenever possible and appropriate