Gurgaon, February 17-18, 2018

Gurgaon February 17 18 2018

It was a power packed, eye opening and interactive time when 40 leaders representing all parts of NCR and even from Chandigarh participated in Lead Like Jesus “Encounter” held in Gurgaon. It was organized in partnership with LeaderImpact and Delhi Bible Fellowship Gurgaon. Mr. Mohan Patnaik and Mr.Prem Sarkar from Bangalore were the lead facilitators for the Encounter. Most of the participants were from the leading positions of different Corporate and IT companies in Gurgaon and few were from the ministry background as well. The seminar was also attended by two seekers from different belief system.

Two activities were the highlights of the seminar. One was the whispering of verse cards in the ears of others, where all the participants felt encouraged and confessed how much more people around them need encouragement. Second, was the foot washing where most of the participants felt humbled. “Asking and Giving Forgiveness” session was so powerful that, the very next day one of the participants was motivated to ask forgiveness from his sister with whom he had an argument over a family issue.