Yes...I can see the improvement in my's has help me to know the true meaning of leadership which is Not to be served bt to SERVE and also leaders should have the vision for his work place wherever he/she works and he/she should work on that. Without a visionary leader, any company, organization, Churches, NGOs etc. will not go further rather it will stuck in only one place.

From SABC Encounter

Wish to share some personal reflection on LLJ journey.

  • Taking a moment each day to do Self analysis, self examination of where I am helps me where I should move tomorrow.
  • Do anyone have unusual dream to become a Servant and a Slave? It is the heart of Jesus to become one. A heart to become slave makes one a true leader.
  • Influence other makes one a leader. Good or bad influence? it defines what leader I am.
  • Killing one's own Ego is bitter yet it brings freedom.
  • The tough turning point is to start living out our vision. Through Jesus it is made possible.
From SABC Encounter

Thank you Lead Like Jesus team for your continuous support and encouragement in developing our servant leadership qualities that make us effective.

The last five days reminder of being habits has really helped me to rearrange my schedule as better as possible. I went through a clear work on Solitude, Prayer, Knowing Scriptures, Accountability, and Unconditional Love.

Thank you once again for your continuous support and care

From SABC Encounter

Thank you very much for 30 days messages and the journey with LLJ team. I am really blessed and many times  personally encouraged me and helped to overcome the challenges i went through ... I believe my Savior will lead me  continuously to serve him in a better way....Thank you once again for the LLJ team.

From Bangalore

Good morning & sincere thanks brother for the systematic revelation from the Holy Scriptures to Lead Like JESUS.

We all should be like Ethiopean Eunoch who wanted to learn & know more about the Lamb of God (Isaiah 53:7) Who died as a supreme sacrifice for our sins on that old rugged Cross.

Yes, we learn to Grow in the Grace & Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (II Peter 3:18) so that we can emulate His Servant Leadership in this sin cursed world and have a passion to win souls for Him.

Let's together serve to grow & grow to serve...for the furtherance of His kingdom.

Shalom & God bless

From Encounter @ Wings, Bangalore

There have been very heartening developments in the last two weeks, and I have been able to speak to our team on the motivation for our work as being driven by the desire for significant social change and impact.

From Encounter @ Wings, Bangalore

Thank u LLJ team and bro mohan blessed daily trying to practice this . Gods working on us changing us slowly to be the person he wants us to be . Amen

Arun Samuel
From Encounter @ Wings, Bangalore

GM. The daily audio snippets have been of tremendous encouragement.  The journey is not easy I many a time need to listen to the audio reminders and re read the work book in addition to prayer to keep the focus. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement.

From Encounter @ Wings, Bangalore

These audio are a reminder that I am far removed from being and leading like Jesus. It is a journey of a life time. Audio and work book are like the google map I see on mobile, if I stray away from the desired path, the course correction is available. Psalm 32:8 "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye" A revelation to know that all I have is on loan, and I myself am on loan. I am just WORK IN PROGRESS

From Encounter @ Wings, Bangalore

I pray point 2 and 3 of EGO's anonymous into my life. Very often I look at the tangible to satisfy the intangible. I look at the things that my peers have and think less of my self. Where as I need to focus on whose am I and who I am, this gives me a healthy reminder of the truth of God's love. Praying this into my life everyday.

Philip BC
From Encounter @ CIM, Chennai